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MC Hammersmith's much-anticipated debut album "Mother's Fettuccine" is out now!

10 scripted hip hop comedy tracks.

5 previously-released viral raps, re-recorded in studio quality with new instrumentals*.

5 brand new raps.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major streaming platforms.

Listen here!

MC Hammersmith - Mother's Fettuccine - Back Cover (1).jpg

All tracks written and performed by MC Hammersmith.

Produced by Daniel McGurty, HP Lovesauce, Bird Fish, Skrallex.

Mixed and mastered by Daniel McGurty.

Photography by James Armandary.

Artwork by Jonny Woolley.

*Why do the 5 re-recorded tracks have new, custom-produced instrumentals? Because they sound even better now! And not because I initially rapped the songs over copyrighted beats! It's totally the first reason and none of your business! Get out of my house!

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