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MC Hammersmith will be bringing a new show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August!

"The MC Stands for Middle Class" is an hour of improvised hip hop comedy. Every single word and rhyme is 100% made up on the spot, based entirely on audience suggestions.

You’ll leave astounded at the speed of his brain, the spontaneity of his punchlines, and the stability of his upbringing.

He also has a work in progress show in June!

Full UK tour happening in 2025, follow MC Hammersmith on social media for updates!

Will 31_edited.jpg

(Work in Progress)

Tuesday June 4th 2024

7pm (1hr)

Monkey Barrel Comedy (MB1)

Book tickets here!

Middle-Class-A3-Final (1).jpg


August 1st-25th 2024 (not Tuesdays)

1.50pm (1hr)

Monkey Barrel Comedy (MB1)

Book tickets here!

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